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project hood

Support a Great Cause & Benefit Your Business

Golf with us in June, support Project HOOD, and promote your business.


Tell GOP Establishment to Stop Amnesty Efforts

It’s time to send a message to the Illinois Republican Party: No Amnesty!


Harry Reid Keeps Digging, Refuses to Drop Shovel

Soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader calls Bundy supporters, “domestic terrorists.”


congress Boehner’s TEA Party Opponents Throw Him a Retirement Party

2nd amendment Pro-Gun Group Steals Bloomberg’s Group’s Name On Facebook

2nd amendment Home Invader Held at Gunpoint by Homeowner

decision 2014 Sorry, Sen. Kirk, That Train Has Already Left the Station

immigration Rep. Steve Israel Claims GOP Animated by Racism

decision 2016 Mike Huckabee Defends Freedom of Speech

freedom A Victory in the First Battle of What Will be a Long War

illinois Illinois Government Least Trusted in the Nation

amnesty Pelosi: Immigration Law like Japanese Internment

federal government Federal Agents Taser Bundy Ranch Protesters

equal pay Equal Pay Pandering

obamacare Released Kentucky Inmates Signed Up for Obamacare

federal government Armed Federal Agents Threaten Nevada Rancher

freedom We Are No Longer a Free People: Time For Organized Resistance

immigration Jeb Bush Calls Illegal Immigration an, “Act of Love”