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The Media Will Do What it Takes to Get Hillary Elected

Personal ideology trumps professional responsibility for the American media.



Putting Up a Michael Brown Memorial is Just Sick and Wrong

Where is the memorial for Officer Darren Wilson’s career?


mainstream media

Ted Cruz Owns a Reporter on the Question of Gay Marriage

The Texas Senator turned the tables on an idiot reporter.


wussification of america

Boy Scouts Ban Water Guns

We are raising our boys to be sissies.


end of america

The America We Read About is Dead

This latest decision by the Boy Scouts is further evidence that it’s over.



The Government Allows, Encourages and Incentivizes Illegal Immigration

The people waiting in line to come here legally are put at a disadvantage. Why play by the rules?


violence in chicago

Chicago Gangbangers and Thugs are Lost. Stop Trying to Save Them.

jobs and role models can’t save someone who has no values.

President Barack Obama is briefed by Camden's Police Chief J. Scott Thomson during a visit to Police Department's Real Time Tactical Operational Intelligence Center, Monday, May 18, 2015, in Camden, NJ. Obama traveled to Camden, NJ, to visit with local law enforcement and meet with young people in the Camden community. Obama also is announcing that he is prohibiting the federal government from providing some military-style equipment to local departments and putting stricter controls on other weapons and gear distributed to law enforcement. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Obama’s Decision to Limit Police Weapons Will Put Cops’ Lives at Risk

This will endanger all Americans.


chris christie

Chris Christie? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Wrong on the NSA. Wrong on Snowden. Wrong on Civil Liberties.

Sen. Pat Toomey, center white shirt, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, center tan shirt, and Sen. Robert Casey, right blue shirt, tour the scene of a deadly train wreck, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in Philadelphia. An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


The Media and Democrats are Playing Politics with the Amtrak Tragedy

The bodies hadn’t even been pulled out of the wreckage, and this became a crisis that couldn’t go to waste.



If You Work Hard and are Successful, Obama Thinks You’ve Won Society’s Lottery

According to him, you STILL didn’t build that.



There is Something Very Wrong About This Country

The very fabric that holds this nation together is being ripped apart.