Watch Chris Matthews’ Lunatic Rant about the 2014 Election

Jan. 9, 2014 


Even for Chris Matthews, his rant on Hardball on MSNBC on Wednesday night was over the top and completely disconnected with reality. He spent about three minutes warning his small audience about what he perceives the danger of a Republican victory in this November’s mid-term election to be. Specifically, he claims that a Republican victory in Congress will lead to the re-institution of Jim Crow laws. According to Matthews, it could mean another war. It also means, “a victory for the haters.”

Here’s a portion of Matthews’ remarks:

But if only the people who voted in 2010 show up this November, you can kiss all this goodbye. You’ll see the beginning of the end to what could have been what many of us believe should have been an historic turn toward full democratic government in  this country, where everyone has a chance for the top office, where everyone is looked after  by those in power. It means Republican control in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. And with that, a slow grinding effort to kill not just the president’s health care plan, but his presidency itself and the legacy it promised. It will be a double downing of efforts to suppress the efforts of those who voted for him in historic numbers — a return to something like Jim Crow days, a remnant of all the anti-black  gimmickry. Literary tests and all the rest. The goal will be to erase not just President Obama from the  history book, but that someone of his background would ever think of being president. It will mean victory for the haters.

Watch the entire rant below:

3 responses to “Watch Chris Matthews’ Lunatic Rant about the 2014 Election”

  1. Dan Krudop says:

    Joe, I hope you understand that when you play Chris Mathews’ rant on your program and post it on your website, more people are aware of it than heard it on his show originally.

  2. Hamilton says:

    If there’s any hatred coming our way, it’s already happening.

    Hatred of a government that redistributes wealth and income.

    Hatred of a government that fosters perpetual dependency on taxpayers via the strong arm of government.

    Hatred of government interference in free markets and heavy taxation of the same, expanding joblessness.

    Hatred of being forced to buy health care.

    Hatred of our government maintaining porous borders, endangering us by allowing all kinds of bad eggs in, while they turn their suspicions and probes onto us, the very people whose liberty, lives, and markets they’re supposed to protect.

    Hatred of having these obscene deficits and debt hanging over our heads like a guillotine blade – and hatred against those incompetent and corrupt legislators who keep it growing by not restraining their spending in the least.

    Hatred of constant assaults on our rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.

    … And there is much more, but the blindly partisan Mr. Matthews doesn’t see that it’s all happening now, under Obama, before the Republicans have won anything.

  3. Jim Kotecki says:

    I can’t believe how much I cringe when I hear him sounding happy to have an all-democratic government. Even more so when I hear him cheer for a government in which “everyone is looked after by those in power.” I sure hope I am not “looked after” by Eric Holder like the agent killed on the Mexican border. I hope I am not “looked after” by Hilary Clinton like the Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens. And I hope I’m not “looked after” like all of us by the NSA in our phone and email records thanks to our ever-evolving police state.

    Also, I love how he mentions the two wars of GW Bush that achieved nothing, but there is no mention of the war Obama pushed in Libya that achieved nothing except to dethrone one dictator and put in his place a regime of anti-American muslim terrorists. Don’t forget the red line he put in Syria that would have turned into a war if not for John Kerry putting his foot in his mouth and Putin rubbing America’s nose in the dirt.

    Keep up the good fight, Joe Walsh.