Associated Press Attempts to Hide Details of Terror Attack – Joe Walsh

Associated Press Attempts to Hide Details of Terror Attack



Once again, the Associated Press tried to distort the nature of a terror attack in southern France. In a tweet on Sunday, the AP wrote:

It would seem odd that in France, a French woman would cry out “God is great” in English, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s because she wasn’t crying out in English. She was crying out in Arabic, and she said, “Allahu akbar”.

The AP did post a follow-up tweet clarifying the event:

But even in this tweet, they attributed the reporting to “French media”, refusing to own the proper attribution themselves. Subsequent reporting on the attack indicated that the identity of the attacker remained unknown, as did the motive:

“It’s apparently an isolated case involving a person with psychiatric issues,” the prosecutor told Le Monde newspaper quoted the prosecutor as saying. However, that does not exclude the possibility that the suspect was radicalized, Marchal added.

This is a clear example of the AP refusing to accurately report on the nature of a story simply because they are not comfortable with the facts.