‘BETRAYAL’: Joe Walsh Demands Trump ‘Build The Damn Wall!’ – Joe Walsh

‘BETRAYAL’: Joe Walsh Demands Trump ‘Build The Damn Wall!’

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From Mediaite:

Former congressman Joe Walsh made an impassioned plea to President Donald Trump on MSNBC Thursday, demanding the commander in chief make good on his campaign promise to build a wall on the Southern Border.

Trump has come under intense fire from his conservative base for his proposed deal with Democratic lawmakers that would kick the can down the road on his commitment to ‘BUILD A WALL’ in favor of legislation to protect young, undocumented immigrants.


When Walsh was asked what he thought of Trump’s decision on MSNBC, he didn’t pull punches.

“Devastating,” he lamented. “This is a betrayal. Look, this issue is different. Republican voters will not line up lock, stock and barrel behind President Trump. This issue got Trump elected, period. No amnesty. Build the damn wall!”

“This was the essence of his campaign,” Walsh continued. “If he betrays that promise, he’s dead. He is dead amongst his base, millions and millions of voters will abandon him.”

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