Conservatives are ripping Trump over news of a bipartisan DACA deal – Joe Walsh

Conservatives are ripping Trump over news of a bipartisan DACA deal

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From Business Insider:

Some conservative commentators made clear they were not happy with Trump’s apparent bipartisan pivot:

  • Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs tweeted: “Deep State Wins, Huge Loss for #MAGA No Countrvailing WH Force to Globalists Gary Cohn, Dina Powell, Gen. Kelly, Mark Short POTUS Betrayed.”
  • Fox News host Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter, said he blamed Republicans: “They caused this. They wanted him to fail and now pushed him into arms of political suicide.”
  • Author and commentator Ann Coulter appeared to push back on Schumer and Pelosi’s statement announcing the deal, which they said excluded funding for a border wall: “Trump tells his audience what they want to hear. He told 63 million who voted for him he’d build a wall. Get used to it, Chuck & Nancy.”
  • Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, said: “THE ART OF THE STEAL: Let’s hope that Pelosi & Schumer misrepresented the #DACA deal.”
  • Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson wrote: “Yawn! Listening to members complain abt POTUS w/D’s b/c R leadership is inept. How about choosing NEW leaders? You voted for them not us!”
  • Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh, who served one term in the House of Representatives, said, “Trump just screwed his base.”

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