Did Pat Brady Say Republicans Should Support Obamacare? – Joe Walsh

Did Pat Brady Say Republicans Should Support Obamacare?



You didn’t hear that … because he didn’t say it. But what if Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady had said that Republicans should embrace Obamacare? We would be calling for his resignation because our party platform opposes the direction that Obamacare is taking this country. If Brady said publicly that we should raise the state income tax even further, we would demand he step down because that stance would go against our platform.

The same is true regarding Brady’s public comments on marriage. The party platform supports traditional marriage between one man and one woman, and Chairman Brady has not once, not twice, but at least three times publicly refuted that plank in the platform. Pat — like any other Republican — can have his own private views on marriage, but in his position as chairman, he cannot publicly attack the platform.

In order for the Republican Party to move forward, Chairman Brady must step down. The majority of Illinois Republicans support traditional marriage and the energetic base of the party overwhelmingly supports traditional marriage. Republicans cannot win statewide without its grassroots base fired up, and this silent majority will not vote— nor work to win — in 2014 as they should if the current party chairman is still in place.

Pat should do the right thing and resign. If not, the state central committee has to vote him out. If he is not replaced soon, there will be a schism in the party that will destroy our ability to win in 2014.

This isn’t about marriage, as it wouldn’t be about Obamacare. It’s about the party chairman very publicly attacking the party platform. That can’t stand.

Read the Illinois Republican Party’s 2012 platform below: