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Taken from Iowa State Daily.

We have a country we can’t afford, warned former congressman of Illinois and radio talk show host Joe Walsh to an audience of about 60 Wednesday evening.

“If I were king of the world there would be no IRS, no federal income tax, I could be packing right now, anybody in this auditorium would be packing, the federal government would do about a tenth of what it does now,” Walsh said. “I believe in absolute freedom and I want what our founders wanted, I want a government that stays the hell out of my life.”

Walsh is a member of the Tea Party. He believes our taxes and social security money are going toward services that will soon run this country bankrupt.

“[Trump] is a little nuts,” Walsh said repeatedly and emphasized the fact that Donald Trump is the result of a broken government and not the problem.

While his radio show, tweets, and political ideas can be viewed as insane and radical, the students in Gilman Hall Wednesday night were in total agreement with Walsh.

“Obama wasn’t perfect, George W. Bush couldn’t put four words together…Donald Trump couldn’t explain Obamacare,” Walsh yelled these bold statements to the audience.

Walsh wanted the students to know that Trump is not the problem, rather a result of a broken system.

Trump wasn’t elected because of issues, rather angry people wanting a “time-out” from rapid change in social issues such as gay marriage, transgender people using “any bathroom they want”, and “men wanting to be girls or girls wanting to be men.”

Walsh wants this generation of teenagers and young adults to know that our country is going through a revolution. After Trump, the government will crash and someone will need to pick up the pieces, Walsh said.

Similar to how the government crashed in the American Revolution, Walsh believes the country will default back to a form of small, limited government with little control over people’s lives.

Walsh argued that the government has its place, but as of right now the government is involved in too many things to efficiently take care of core government duties such as taking care of climate issues, immigration control, and helping people that can’t take care of themselves.

Walsh also said that the government today is taking care of too many people that should be able to take care of themselves.

“Young people are stupid,” Walsh said. While easily taken out of context, he described our generation as not having any political knowledge.

Walsh went so far as to say “most young people don’t know who James Madison is.” Walsh did not give a source for this statement.

Walsh spent much of the lecture bashing Republicans rather than Democrats.

Walsh’s reasoning for this was because Democrats have their agenda planned out. Democrats want big government and less individual freedom. Walsh said Republicans on the other hand do not have a solid agenda.

“I asked 100 Republicans what the party stands for and I got 1,000 different answers,” Walsh said.

Walsh closed the lecture with a question and answer session, highlighting topics such as immigration, climate change and revealing he voted for Rand Paul in the presidential primary.

Article from Iowa State Daily.