Illinois Makes Police Detention Of Immigrants Illegal – Joe Walsh

Illinois Makes Police Detention Of Immigrants Illegal

Bruce Rauner, Immigration


From Chicago Patch

CHICAGO, IL — Standing in front of a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Little Village, Gov. Bruce Rauner broke with other conservatives as he signed legislation that makes it illegal for police to detain people based solely on their immigration status. Rauner was making good on his pledge to sign Senate Bill 31, also known as the Illinois TRUST Act, which prohibits law enforcement from stopping, detaining or arresting anyone based on their status or an immigration detainer.

Some have said the law will make Illinois a so-called “sanctuary state” by limiting the role of local authorities in enforcing federal immigration laws. The law comes amid immigration crackdowns that have led to arrests statewide.

Former GOP congressman and conservative talk radio host Joe Walsh reacted on Twitter, calling Rauner’s decision a “slap in the face” to citizens.

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