MADD Puts Amnesty Ahead of Drunk Driving Prevention – Joe Walsh

MADD Puts Amnesty Ahead of Drunk Driving Prevention



On its website, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), says it is, “the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving.”

It’s funny, then, that the organization is not speaking out against a provision in the Gang of 8 amnesty bill that will allow illegal aliens with DUI’s to stay on the road and in the country.

Page 608 of the Gang of 8’s bill says that illegal alien drunk drivers can become legalized if they’ve only been arrested three times or less for DUI’s before the bill is enacted. When pushed by Judicial Watch for a response, MADD said, “they don’t get involved in immigration matters.”

That’s pretty outrageous, but it’s probably safe to assume that MADD’s board, staff, and donor base are probably sympathetic to amnesty. They probably skew left in their politics. The hypocrisy, however, is unbelievable. For the organization to not even issue a statement along the lines of, “We support comprehensive immigration reform but we oppose this specific provision that allows illegal aliens who are drunk drivers from remaining on our roads,” shows how biased and political the organization is.

What a shame. Just this past weekend, a drunk illegal alien was driving in New Jersey and killed a man and injured his two sons. Not a peep out of MADD. Hypocrites!