Mark Levin Suffers From Amnesia When it Comes to Joe Walsh – Joe Walsh

Mark Levin Suffers From Amnesia When it Comes to Joe Walsh



On his nationally-syndicated radio program last Friday, the self-described “great one” Mark Levin decided to spend four minutes criticizing Joe Walsh. Levin didn’t provide much context for the shots he took at Joe, but we suspect that the catalyst for his episode was this recent Tweet from Joe:

Perhaps Levin took exception to being characterized as sycophantic, or perhaps he just didn’t agree with Joe on the issue of whether or not President Trump should have revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. Either way, Levin clearly didn’t like being called out for his support of President Trump’s decision to revoke Brenna’s clearance. He didn’t waste any time going after Joe Walsh on this particular issue:

There are individuals in radio and TV, try as they might, they cannot draw attention to themselves. Try as they might. They cannot succeed. Try as they might, you the American people, the vast audience that I have and others have, have no interest in these people. So what do they do? They sell their souls and they sellout their principles.

One example, in my opinion, is a very thuggish, moronic guy by the name of Joe Walsh. Now, he barely has a radio show. He was a Congressman for two years, one term. Then, he was thrown out. He does an interview with Salon magazine, as leftist as it goes. They lay out his background with his ex-wife … I don’t even want to get into it. It’s all out there for the world to read. Here’s a guy, who claims that I, who went on Hannity and insisted that it was right to take the clearance away from Brennan, and therefore I am a selling out, a sycophant to Trump.

Brennan’s perfectly fine. Running around on TV like a maniac … And Joe Walsh has no problem with it because he’s trashing Trump every day. And if you don’t trash Trump, you see, you must not be a conservative. But Joe Walsh is, of course. But if you serve in the Reagan Administration, talk about conservatism, even if you disagree with the president, as I do on many of the trade issues or other issues, the fact that you acknowledge that in so many areas, this president has been conservative, has been successful where other presidents haven’t been. And he deserves our defense when he’s under attack. Not in all cases, but when the Constitution is at issue. When separation of powers is at issue. When people are trying to reverse the course of an election. When an entire party, the day after he’s elected, seeks to remove him. Yes, it’s important to speak out.

But Walsh and his dwindling audience and his dwindling affiliates. Charlie Sykes before him. Like John Ziegler before him. And so many losers who cannot make it in the market of broadcasting. Well, they jump ship. So now he attacks Trump, attacks me, attacks Hannity. Because he’s a clown. Now, typically what people will say is, “You shouldn’t reach down and drag up people like this.” Why not? He’s a foil. He’s an example. He’s illustrative. Joe Walsh hasn’t done a damn thing for conservatism. Nothing effective. Nothing.

We have a President of the United States who I disagree with on some issues, but I agree with on most issues. He’s trying to bring back the judiciary, make it Constitutional once again. He’s trying to secure the border and uphold our immigration laws once again. He’s trying to build up the United States military after it was eviscerated by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. He’s supports law enforcement that was demoralized and dispirited under Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch. He calls out the unconscionable activities that have taken place at the FBI, at the senior levels, they don’t even exist anymore. Fired or resigned or under investigation. As well our intelligence community. And he calls them as he sees them. Whether you like the way he does it or not, he calls them like he sees them. Just like this clown Joe Walsh. But Walsh has decided that there’s only one way to breathe life back into his career, to join the Nicole Wallace’s and the Joe Scarborough’s and the other RINOs and losers who pretend to be conservatives.

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Levin is entitled to his opinion on the issue of whether or not Trump should have revoked the security clearance of Brennan, and anyone — Democrat or Republican — is free to disagree with Levin.

But what’s strange about Levin’s line of argument is that, rather than choosing to attack the substance of Joe’s argument, instead, he chooses to attack Joe Walsh personally, by questioning his conservative credentials. This is particularly strange because less than six years ago, Levin seemed thrilled to interview then-Congressman Joe Walsh on his radio program when Joe was running for re-election. In fact, Levin was effusive with his praise for Joe.

You can listen to the entire eight minute interview below, but here are just a few of the nice things that Levin had to say about Joe just a few years ago:

Tell you what I like about you. Not only are you a conservative, but you speak your mind. And look, sometimes you lose your temper. Sometimes you’re emotional. In other words, you’re a normal human being. Where so many of these politicians, you know, they are so phony in front of the camera, phony in their town hall meetings, and then they go home and scream at the walls …

Well, this is why I’m a fan, because, uh, you’re in a tough district. You were in a tough district before. You put it all on the line. And you’re basically saying to your constituents, look, this is what I stand for. I can see what’s happening in this country. I think most of you agree with me. If you agree with me, vote for me, and if you don’t, then I guess I won’t win.

Yeah, cause you’re principled.

Well, Congressman Joe Walsh, I am a huge fan. I want you to know that. I want to strongly endorse you, if it’s going to help you. I won’t if it won’t help you. 

One of the reasons I have him [Joe] on is not only because he is a solid conservative who doesn’t run from the Constitution and run from the TEA Party …

This guy [Joe] … they’re trying to take him down. He’s as solid as a rock. And he really is one of us the way he presents himself, the way he talks.

Listen to the entire interview here:


So what has changed in six years? Has Joe changed his positions on taxes? On the border and immigration? On militant Islam? On the need to reduce the size of government? On abortion? On same-sex marriage? On Obamacare? On his support for law enforcement? The answer is simple: no.

The only difference between Mark Levin and Joe Walsh in 2018 is Donald Trump.

Joe Walsh remains committed to supporting conservative principles, even when it means criticizing the current president. When the president says or does something that runs counter to those conservative principles, Joe has made it clear that he will call him out. Accordingly, when the president says or does things that help to advance the conservative cause, Joe will give him the credit and praise that he is due.

But President Trump should not be exempt from or immune to criticism, from the left or from the right. If President Trump expects to be supported by conservatives, then he should expect to be held accountable by conservatives.

That’s the difference between Mark Levin and Joe Walsh in 2018, and only one of them has changed since 2012.