Midterm Trends Threaten GOP House Majority – Joe Walsh

Midterm Trends Threaten GOP House Majority



If the GOP loses the House in 2018, there’s no one to blame but themselves. For seven years they said they’d repeal Obamacare and then they pushed a bill that didn’t.

Republicans control both the House and Senate, but the unified GOP Congress might not last past the midterms. House Republicans are seeing signs that Democrats could take a significant number of House seats in the 2018 elections.

President Trump’s approval ratings currently sit in the low 40s — a historic low for this point in a presidency. The GOP Congress, meanwhile, has achieved no major legislative goals in Trump’s first 70 days in office.

Questions about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign continue to cast a shadow over the government and distract from the party’s legislative efforts.

Enthusiasm on the left is high, giving Democrats hope that they will fill their coffers and increase voter turnout in special elections such as the nationally watched House special election in Georgia.

Still, there is plenty of time for things to change over the next 19 months. Winning back the House will be an uphill climb for Democrats even in the most favorable circumstances since the way district lines are drawn means that only a few dozen seats are seen as competitive.

But there’s no doubt that the early signs are positive for Democrats. The case for Democratic gains is bolstered by the historical trend that sees the president’s party typically lose seats in the midterm.

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