Mom’s Photo Response To Transgender Debate Unleashes Digital Furor – Joe Walsh

Mom’s Photo Response To Transgender Debate Unleashes Digital Furor



From Western Journalism:

To mother Kristi Merritt, the debate about transgender individuals in bathrooms is quite simple. She went on Facebook to express that opinion, not knowing that in doing so she would be booted off the social networking giant and receive feedback from across the world.

“A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers!” she posted on her Facebook profile.

Going a step further to prove the point, the Washington State mom posted a series of photos. In one, she donned a Seattle Seahawks uniform holding a sign that read, “Does this make me Russell Wilson?” Likewise she asked if a picture of her in a sombrero made her a Mexican or one in a pirate costume made her a pirate.


After the photo went viral, Merritt wrote that “Facebook is trying to make me remove this post, they are saying it has nudity in it. Here’s what’s happening. The people who want to censor me are reporting it as having nudity when clearly it does not. THIS IS HOW THE LEFTIST HATERS function, only they have free speech!!!”

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