Of Marriage and Political Courage – Joe Walsh

Of Marriage and Political Courage



It takes courage to do what you believe is right, even if the whole country seems like it’s moving in the opposite direction. I was thinking about political courage last night after the Illinois Senate passed same sex marriage legislation.

It is true that the media in this country is so giddy in their support for same sex marriage that it has had an impact on the polls. In many states like Illinois, to support traditional marriage is to stand against “equality” and “fairness.” To be OUTSPOKEN in support of traditional marriage is to be ridiculed and to risk being called a homophobe, a bigot, and often much worse. Many become afraid and give in to the media and the “polls” as our Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady did last month when he came out in support of same sex marriage because, as he said, it would help Republicans win elections. “So brave, so enlightened,” the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune and the rest of the liberal media cheered.

So easy.

What is hard to do is stand against public opinion and stand for what is right. What is hard to do is to stand in the public square and defend traditional marriage as the bedrock of society that it is and always has been, as the institution best designed by God to raise and develop children. What is hard to do is to defend the religious institutions and businesses whose basic religious freedoms will be in jeopardy if same sex marriage becomes law in Illinois.

We have precious little time to defend traditional marriage and religious freedom in this state. All of us must take to the public square immediately and do what is hard. You will be ridiculed, the media will go after you personally, and they will laugh at you for mentioning God.

Have the courage to do what is right. Defend traditional marriage and defend religious freedom. Now.