Take the Pledge! – Joe Walsh

Take the Pledge!

Take the Pledge!

Our Founders gave us a country of men and women free to live their lives, keep their money, be responsible for their families, and government stayed out of their hair. Republicans and Democrats have taken this America away from us. I want it back.

Today, we live in an America with a government that is way too big and does way too much, for far too many of us. Continuing down this path will bankrupt this country and weaken us as individuals, families, congregants, and communities. Politicians won’t change this because they only want to get re-elected and keep promising us things. It will only change when we tell the politicians to stop growing government because we want to grow up and be responsible for our own lives.

Are you ready to take your country back? Are you ready to grow up? Then, please join our Grow Up and Be Free movement by signing the form below. You will be joining with thousands across America who want to reverse this hopeless slide towards big government dependency and begin to get back to the principles America was founded upon — freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility.

It must begin with us. Let’s tell our politicians that we’re ready to grow up and be free. It’s the only way to save America for future generations. Democrats don’t believe in the America we were given and Republicans won’t fight for it. It’s time to start something new.

Join us and sign the pledge. Share it with your friends and neighbors. Spread it around. The bigger our movement, the more powerful we’ll be. It’s time to ignite the Revolution to get our country back. You in?


I want to be free to live my life as I choose and be responsible for myself, my family and my community.

Therefore, I will only support candidates for public office who will agree to:

1. Defend our God-given rights, including the right to life, religious liberty and the right to carry a firearm.

2. Diminish the influence of government over our lives and our businesses.

3. Eliminate this government debt that is bankrupting future generations.

4. Cut our taxes…it’s our money, we have the right to keep it.

5. Agree to be a citizen-legislator and not a professional politician. Term-limit yourself.

Sign the pledge below:

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