Rahm Invites 1000 Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrants to Chicago – Joe Walsh

Rahm Invites 1000 Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrants to Chicago



In a stunning display of pandering and manipulation, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Wednesday that he would welcome 1000 of the unaccompanied illegal immigrants that have crossed the border and are waiting relocation:

You have a thousand kids fleeing violence in Central America. This speaks to who we are as a city in welcoming them … These kids are leaving violence. There are 1,000 kids. We are not only a city of big shoulders. We’re a city of big hearts, and we welcome them and get ‘em on their way. And we will also make sure that the city of Chicago has universal pre-K, universal kindergarten, expanding after-school programs, expanding summer jobs, because the test and measure of this city is how we treat our children … My grandfather left Moldova in Eastern Europe. His parents put him on a boat to get away from the pogroms [and] leave the violence. Thirteen-years-old by himself. Not a word of English to come to a place called Chicago. He left the violence of Eastern Europe.