Rauner Supports Same-Day Voter Registration – Joe Walsh

Rauner Supports Same-Day Voter Registration



Republican gubernatorial nominee Bruce Rauner has voiced his support for a piece of legislation that would allow for same-day voter registration in Illinois along with additional in-person early voting. According to an article from the Illinois Radio Network:

Rauner said he’s not familiar with the finer points of the bill, but he’s OK with the idea.  “I’m a believer that our democratic process is critical to our prosperity as a state and as a nation.  I think having voters engaged and involved and everybody voting, all registered voters voting, is a great thing, and the more folks that vote, the better, and to the degree we help that process, I’m supportive of that,” he said.

It’s no surprise that Rauner has staked out this position. His rush to the center since the GOP primary has forced him to perform rhetorical gymnastics. This is just the latest.

Putting aside the last-minute, under-the-wire, sneaky method by which this bill (HB 105) was passed, this bill is an invitation to voter fraud. Same-day registration — with no ID required — for same-day or early voting is simply a callous attempt to shoehorn in every Democratic vote that can be bussed in from around the state — this one or an adjoining one. What’s worse is that these provisions in this bill apply only to the 2014 general election!

It once meant something to vote in this country. It required forethought, preparation, and planning. Early in our Democracy, and until just the last century, Americans would often have to travel long distances to cast their ballot. It wasn’t an act they took lightly. Nowadays, we’ve reduced voting to an afterthought. It’s become an act that’s taken about as seriously as sending a text message or posting a status update on Facebook. This means, increasingly, disinterested and uninformed voters are the ones swaying elections, a problem compounded when Democrats can now simply round up any warm body they can find, and drop them off as a polling place to register and vote, all at the same time.

It’s become clear that Democrats will stoop to any level to protect their power in Illinois. Now, with Rauner foolishly going along to get along, Democrats have the cover they need to stuff the ballot box in November.