Released Kentucky Inmates Signed Up for Obamacare – Joe Walsh

Released Kentucky Inmates Signed Up for Obamacare



It’s just another way of boosting that Obamacare enrollment number: the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections began holding Obamacare signups for near exiting inmates. After all, how can this country not afford to give healthcare for people that literally have no way to pay for it?

Louisville Metro Corrections last week began holding daily sign-ups for exiting inmates, and Garcia was among those qualifying for the newly expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

It’s part of a growing push nationwide by prisons and jails trying to take advantage of expanded health care to curb rapidly rising medical costs in a setting where many are poor, unhealthy and uninsured.

The idea of giving criminals free health insurance while many Americans legitimately struggle to afford theirs does not sit well with many. Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky blasted the practice saying, “This is yet another disturbing aspect of a profoundly troubling piece of legislation.”

The criminals for the most part are being dumped on Medicaid, which is already swollen with people unable to pay into the system, upon leaving prison. In spite of the negative reaction, Kentucky is likely to expand the signup process across other prisons in the state.