Report: Three VA patients die after receiving inadequate care – Joe Walsh

Report: Three VA patients die after receiving inadequate care



Three VA patients in Phoenix have reportedly died after not receiving the proper care, according to an exclusive Daily Caller report.

The Daily Caller reported:

Internal Phoenix VA emails indicate a medical review of about 40 deceased patients showed that if three patients on the list had received the care they needed, they might still be alive today.

While the analysis was only preliminary, the physician who examined delays in the three cases found them serious enough to forward along to quality management for further inspection. Without this particular whistleblower’s analysis, these three patients may have been forgotten forever.

Hospital management is not checking on why patients are dying, except for the few staff who go out of their way to double-check and review medical records, according to one whistleblower who spoke with TheDCNF.

There are multiple discrepancies in patients’ reports, as well, according to the Daily Caller. One physician didn’t update a patient’s chart in a timely fashion, therefore making it seem as though the patient had received medical care after the patient had died.

In multiple other cases, a referral for care from a specialist was actually simply a request to retrieve medical equipment after the patients had deceased.

Read more about the inadequate care provided by the Phoenix VA at the Daily Caller here.

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