Support Pastor Corey Brooks for Standing Up for What He Believes – Joe Walsh

Support Pastor Corey Brooks for Standing Up for What He Believes



This past weekend New Beginnings Church was vandalized and robbed. Thieves took $8000 from the church, pastored by Corey Brooks. It’s become clear that Pastor Brooks was a target for one simple reason — he supports Republican Bruce Rauner for governor. That position is untenable for many living on the Democrat plantation. Pastor Brooks dared to defy the Democrat masters who have kept the black community in line for so long. His punishment was to have his church robbed and vandalized.

This is the same man who is currently raising money to provide turkeys for hungry families this Thanksgiving. This is the same man who is on the streets of Chicago each weekend trying to stop violence. But all of that doesn’t matter on the Democrat plantation. All that matters to the Democrat masters is that he’s stepped out of line and supported a Republican.

It’s time to fight back by showing the big government Democrats that it will not silence the uprising amongst the black community. These tactics of fear and intimidation will not deter Pastor Brooks for pointing out that Democrats have destroyed black families, neutered many black churches, and left the black community in shambles. We must stand with Pastor Corey Brooks.

Let’s replace that $8000 that was stolen from New Beginnings Church with ten, fifty, or a hundred times more.

You can make an online donation to the church by clicking here. Or you can send checks payable to New Beginnings Church to New Beginnings Church, 6620 S King Drive, Chicago, IL 60637.