Tell Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to Enforce the Law – Joe Walsh

Tell Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to Enforce the Law



Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is being sued by Judicial Watch for not enforcing federal immigration laws. You see, Cook County is a “sanctuary” county, which, by definition, means they are direct defiance of our nation’s immigration laws.

In fact, in Cook County, local law enforcement refuses to hold or detain illegals caught committing a crime. The county actually helps illegals avoid federal immigration officers. Pretty crazy, huh? Especially considering Dart is the chief law enforcement officer in the county …  and he won’t enforce the law?

Well, it gets even crazier. Cook County receives federal money every year, designated for working with the Feds on immigration. This means that Cook County openly defies federal laws, and the feds continue to give them money to enforce those laws.

Last year while in Congress, I introduced a bill that would have cut off federal funding to any sanctuary city, county, or local jurisdiction that provided safe harbor to illegals. It never received a vote.

Contact Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office. Tell him to do his job and enforce the law. Call your Congressman. Tell him or her to cut off all federal funding for sanctuary cities and counties.