The Government Now Wants to “Rehabilitate” Not Just Punish – Joe Walsh

The Government Now Wants to “Rehabilitate” Not Just Punish



The aim here is to silence people. Remember what this guy said in his order. This guy who wrote this cease and desist order on this Christain couple in Oregon. He said, “Our goal is not to shut down businesses. Our goal is to rehabilitate.” Now I got a real simple question…When the state of Oregon says, “Our goal is to rehabilitate,” what the hell do they mean? When the government says we don’t want to shut you down, Cakes by Melissa, we just want to rehabilitate you. What do they mean? Answer that liberals. When the government says their objective is to “rehabilitate,” what the hell does that mean. I don’t know about you, but when the government says, “we’re here to rehabilitate,” I get really scared. I get really angry. I don’t want the government to rehabilitate anyone.