How Long Will My In-Ground Pool Robotic Pool Cleaner Last And Work Efficiently?

Every pool owner knows that swimming pools need some attention and TLC. Regular pool maintenance will not only ensure your backyard mecca is hygienic, clean, and safe for everyone, but it’ll also protect your investment.

But as much as you want to, cleaning a pool is a challenging chore and will take hours to complete. Fortunately, we now have robotic pool vacuums to rely on. These technologically advanced automatic pool cleaners can take care of the laborious job for you efficiently.

Robovacs are easy to install and operate. Hence, it has become a favorite choice among pool owners since its inception. It offers a speedy and hassle-free method of keeping your pool fresh, clean, and free from nasty dirt. 

But you’re probably wondering how long does a robovac last? In this article, we’ll take a closer look if a robot pool cleaner truly delivers value for your money.

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What Are Robot Pool Vacuum Cleaners?

A robot pool cleaner is the most advanced and expensive type of automatic pool cleaners. These plug-and-play devices are self-contained with low voltage and powered by a motor. It usually comes with a long cord that extends from the robot to a wall outlet. Once you plug your unit and tweak its settings, it’s ready to take on your pool. 

Robvacs can clean your backyard pool efficiently and swiftly in comparison to other methods. And unlike other types of pool cleaners, they don’t use your pool’s pump. On top of that, some robots even have convenient features like remote control and navigation systems. These enable you to steer your unit while lounging by the poolside. 

Don’t use your pool’s pump

Moreover, you won’t be putting any additional pressure or stress on the filtration system of your pool because they are self-contained. As a result, it’ll lessen the workload of your pool’s filter since your robot will get rid of most of the contaminants before they get to the filter. Plus, these devices feature filters that can strain the finest of dirt for up to two microns in size.

How Long Can I Expect My Robot Pool Cleaner To Work?

Often, we purchase products for our home that offer a lot of value for our money. But a lot of these appliances tend to break down after a few uses, leaving you with a loss. However, it’s a whole different story with robotic pool vacuums. These machines provide homeowners with a higher return on investment.

Best RobotYou can expect your unit to serve and last you for as long as four to five years. With proper upkeep and care, you can even prolong its lifespan for up to eight years. Although there are some models with a lower price point, they won’t offer you the same longevity. However, you can expect them to run for up to three years with the right maintenance.

And check this out, your robot will not bend your wallet with expensive yearly upkeep. Still, it will require some maintaining, especially if it’ll tackle debris most of the time. And when your machine has given up on you, you simply have to replace it.


Main Types Of Robot Pool Cleaners

Automatic robotic pool vacuums have two main types:

  • In-ground model
  • Above-ground model

The two work similarly with the biggest difference lies in performing certain functions. While an in-ground robot pool vacuum can climb pool slopes, steps, and walls, above-ground units can’t. Nonetheless, there are hybrid robots available today that combine the features of both models.

Benefits That Come With Owning A Robotic Pool Vacuum

We can’t deny the fact that robot cleaners are wonderful time-saving pool cleaning devices. They can provide your backyard escape with an extra degree of filtration. Since they are energy efficient you’ll also save on your energy bills. On top of that, you can be assured that they will be able to clean all areas, including awkward spaces in your pool.

What’s more, your robovac can reduce the need for you to apply chemicals during the entire cleaning process. You can also benefit from high maneuverability, compact size, lightweight design, and full automation.

Nevertheless, these smart gadgets do have some drawbacks. One is they require cleaning after every use. Nonetheless, you simply have to set your robot and place it in your pool, which will take around ten minutes or less. 

These products may be impressive, but that comes with a higher price tag. Their repairs are costly as well. But you won’t have to worry about that if you take care of your unit properly. Also, their life expectancy is between three to eight years or even a decade depending on your upkeep. 

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Tips On How You Can Extend The Life Of Your Robot Pool Cleaner

  • Don’t forget to clean it. Regularly clean and empty the filter bag of your robot. Your unit may come with cleaning tools, so use those when washing the brushes at the sides and just below your robot. This can help prevent debris buildup and malfunctions.
  • Often check for everyday wear and tear. Although your robovac is running well, its parts get worn out. So make sure to check your unit for wear and tear periodically to prevent degradation.

Consider buying an extended warranty. Robotic vacuum cleaners are not inexpensive. Hence, it’s advisable to protect your investment with an extended warranty. The cost is small if your unit breaks down. You’ll find it much cheaper than having to pay entirely for a replacement.

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