A Guide to Help you Find the Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The application of hardwood floors adds value to your house. The elegance they give is out of this world. However, several challenges may arise when it comes to preserving the cleanliness and quality of hardwood floors as they can be a bit tricky to be taken care of.

Water is the ultimate opponent of hardwood floors. Since every wood type is naturally porous, it can easily absorb moisture. As a result, floors that are made out of wood might get stained from water spills, or worse, molds might grow.

Although hardwood floors can be sometimes a bit challenging to maintain, they make your house chic. They even enhance the look of your house and they provide fresher indoor air quality. How then, can you clean them efficiently?

Using a robot vacuum will keep your hardwood floor luxurious

Typical floor types can be effortlessly cleaned with just a mop soaked in a mixture of water, soap, and disinfectant. But since it’s the hardwood floor that we’re talking about, it’s quite a different story.

Hardwood floors may sometimes need a different cleaning approach as they can’t always be cleaned simply with water. But we’re fortunate to know that there are available robot vacuums that will aid you in perfecting your cleaning task.

Robot vacuums can propitiously get rid of dust, dirt, and debris from your hardwood floor. How do they work though? Well, from the word “robot”, undoubtedly, you’ll think that they’re meant to work automatically. Many models incorporate various sensors which allow them to avoid obstacles, stairs and to create a map of the rooms of your home.

Amazingly, there are also high-end robot vacuums that can be manually programmed to work based on the schedule you’ll select, and the controls are located on the vacuum itself. Moreover, some of them can be conveniently controlled using your smartphone. Just connect it to Wi-Fi, and you can command your robot to clean for you just by controlling it on your phone.

Robot vacuums are mainly created and designed to clean and preserve the quality of hardwood floors without ruining them. All vacuum types won’t scratch your floors as they use rubber-made wheels and soft brushes.

Indeed, there are numerous kinds of robot vacuums. Depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, you can always find the perfect one for you and your beloved hardwood floor.

How can you pick the right robot vacuum?

It’s very necessary to consider first your cleaning needs. For example, if you have a family member who’s allergic to pet hair, it’s advisable to obtain a robot vacuum that’s proven to remove allergens without difficulty.

You can also pick a mopping robot that can help you wipe off accidental food or drink spills and make your floors shiny. If you want a device that can both suck up the debris and mop the floor, you might want to obtain a hybrid and versatile robot vacuum that utilizes both vacuuming and mopping options.

These things are just examples. The main point is, to pick the right robot vacuum that’ll satisfy your needs and preferences, you must know your cleaning needs. In that way, you can discern what robot vacuum type you’re going to acquire.

Well-founded robot vacuums for hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring can be sometimes tough to deal with, that’s why you need to choose a high-functioning, long-lasting, durable, and well-engineered device. Here are some of the most dependable robot vacuums that you may prefer to obtain.

  • iRobot Roomba 675

Does your hardwood flooring continuously accumulate annoying debris such as food crumbs? Does your floor contain dirt that’s difficult to clean? Well, with this vacuum by iRobot, you can always keep your flooring ultra-clean! Not only can it conserve the quality of your floors, but it can also detect extra filthy areas!

It can travel under and around your furniture and even along the edges. It also has a high-tech sensor where it prevents the vacuum from falling down the stairs. Furthermore, you can adjust its abilities according to your home’s cleaning needs. So it’s certain that your floors would be rigorously cleaned.

If you’re a busy person, this one’s very ideal as it can be controlled using the iRobot HOME app on your smartphone. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s indeed efficient and innovative!

  • Roborock S7

Looking for a high-powered robot vacuum that’s versatile enough to both suck and mop the dirt out? Well, you’ll never be disappointed with Roborock S7. Surely, it has numerous benefits that’ll satisfy and fulfill your daily cleaning needs.

This device possesses a one spin brush and a huge roller that can eliminate all the dirt and debris found on your hardwood floors. It also contains a large water tank that enables the device to mop the floors efficiently. Its battery is long-running as it can drive the device for up to 3 hours of cleaning. That just means that it can clean an area up to 2,150 square feet. Crazy!

As it cleans and mops your hardwood floor, it can smartly detect surfaces that shouldn’t get wet such as carpets or cloth-made mats. Scheduling its cleaning tasks is also possible. Just activate its voice-recognizing feature and you can control the device using your voice.

Moreover, you can remote-control the vacuum through a smartphone. It’s undeniably smart so you can command it to clean areas that are extra dirty and generate multi-floor maps of your house.

  • iRobot Roomba i3

If you prefer a powerful robot vacuum that can remove even the larger kinds of dirt and debris, this model of iRobot could be a perfect selection. Its ultra-powerful suction makes it a dependable device that can deal with the toughest messes.

It contains a highly innovative and efficient filter that can remove almost all of the allergens that are located on your floors. It can rigorously clean your floor without leaving any mess. Unlike many other robotic vacuums, it’s well-prepared to deal with pet fur and hair and engineered to prevent it from getting stuck and tangled.

Add a robot vacuum to your cleaning arsenal

Using a robot vacuum gradually becomes a standard choice by many people as it principally does most of the cleaning tasks for you. However, you should choose the right robot vacuum that’ll work out according to your cleaning needs. Adding this highly advanced device to your cleaning arsenal would be a wise decision.

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