Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Commercial Models and Services You Must Try

In these dangerous times due to the pandemic, commercial places need to have healthier and cleaner environments so that the virus will be slowly suppressed. Huge commercial areas and their wide range of hard floorings and carpets could be quite challenging to clean as they are often walked on by random people. No doubt the janitors would be overworked.

Fortunately, various companies have discovered robotic and automated cleaning machines, and they offer environment-beneficial services. Amazingly, these robotic cleaners have been so beneficial for a lot of employees, companies, and everyone’s daily life. Not only it helps in facilitating every cleaning task, but it also gives the utmost convenience and safety for a lot of people.

The trailblazing technological advancement greatly influenced the commercial cleaning industry and we’re very lucky to experience that. Every commercial area is undoubtedly in need of an augmented cleanup workforce and elevated cleaning standards. And yes, using a commercial robot vacuum has become the key to overcoming these challenges.

However, what are some of the companies that offer such efficient cleaning services? What kind of robot vacuums do they use? What are the companies that have passed the privacy standards? Read on to know some of them.

The SoftBank Robotics Team’s Whiz

A lot of housekeeping workers find it hard to keep up with the augmented cleaning demand and further cleaning responsibilities such as deep cleaning and rigorous disinfecting. However, Whiz provides huge assistance to your team or company in terms of reducing physically draining and laborious cleaning tasks such as sweeping and mopping hallways and other wide areas. Yes, with Whiz, your guests, employees, and other workers will experience utmost safety and a healthy environment.

Whiz uses robot vacuums that are powered by BrainOS which is a top-grade, and award-winning commercial robot OS. The robot vacuums that use this operating system can record up to 600 cleaning routes. After that, the routes used will be stored in Whiz so it could repeat its cleaning route independently. With the help of cloud data visualizations, the status and reports will be collected and analyzed.

Because of the reliability of Whiz and the convenience it provides, a lot of company’s cleaning teams gain more energy and time to focus on intricate cleaning details that their guests usually notice. Hotel cleaning teams are so much happier with Whiz as they always generate results that exceed every team’s expectations. Adding Whiz to their cleaning teams helps guests enjoy and cherish their relaxation.

Since Whiz uses newfangled robot vacuums, the contact between guests or customers with workers is minimized. Whiz ultimately helps in reducing the possibility of COVID-19 transmission and they are very focused on providing ultra-disinfected and spotless areas. When it comes to big banks, these robot vacuums Whiz use are very much dependable in terms of creating a safer work environment that’s highly beneficial to employee health.

The Perfect Little Company

The Perfect Little Company (TPLC) uses Abbee commercial robot vacuum cleaners. These robot vacuums can be operated with remote control and are touch-screen, autonomous, and programmable. Your cleaning team won’t experience a difficult time finishing their other cleaning tasks as their Abbee robot vacuums are designed to save you time and money.

It is possible to restrict these robots to work only in a specific space by defining the virtual walls. They also use innovative sensors that enable the cleaning device to distinguish hard flooring and carpeted zones. Each robot vacuum can clean an area that measures up to 1,300 square feet per hour. No wonder it can provide you a much cleaner and safer working environment in just a few hours!

Not only are they called robot vacuums, but also robot mops as they have a mop function designed for cleaning hard surfaces. The TPLC also uses the Hive10 Trolley which is designed for commercial use and can hold up to 10 Abbee robot vacuums. The Hive10 Trolley helps in transporting and distributing every robot vacuum around every room they need to clean. It also stores the Abbees very well and charges them quickly!


Large facilities and busy commercial spaces are so in demand of massive, fast, and reliable cleaning. Luckily, Avidbots is mainly focused on accomplishing such cleaning duties. Avidbots is determined to optimize every cleaning process with autonomous commercial robot vacuums while satisfying the needs of your workers, customers, guests, and even your whole company.

A lot of commercial areas are badly in need of a trustworthy and diligent cleaning team. That’s why Avidbots uses Neo 2 as it is one of the most advanced and innovative commercial robot vacuums obtainable out there. The Neo 2 robots are powered by the Avidbots AI Platform. Meaning, your cleaning operation will be highly optimized and enhanced.

The Neo 2 robot vacuums promise to deliver ultra-clean, disinfected, streak-free, and virus-free outcomes all over your business facility. Every commercial area is in good hands with Avidbots.

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