Robot Vacuum Available in Aldi’s Special Buys this Month

ALDI OffersAldi’s Special Buy offers something this month that shoppers need to check out: an inexpensive robot vacuum that can rival the major brands in the market. While many are aware that Aldi likes putting up cheap yet quality products like shampoo, wines and garden stuff, offering a robot vacuum on sale doesn’t come often.

The product is created by Easy Home and has a tag price of just £ 129.99, almost 70% cheaper than premium brands. Product specifications are as follow:

Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

Remote Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA (Included), Vacuum battery: Lithium battery 2600mAh, 14.4V (rechargeable)

Dust container: 0.35L (approx.)

Housing dimension: 32cm x 8.5cm (approx.), Housing dimension with charging base: 37 x 9cm (approx.)

Rechargeable: Yes

Voltage: 100-240V

Weight: Total: 3.1kg (approx.)

Charge Time: Fully charged: 4-6 Hours (approx.)

What to Expect

Despite its low price, it got almost a perfect rating from its reviews. It’s impressive to read its product description, which tells of the device as a “clever machine” that takes care of the vacuuming. It has a slim design which allows it to get under low furniture and clean the floor underneath them.

Aldi’s robot vacuum is also a programmable machine that can work automatically or by remote control. The robot can clean up to corners without bumping into obstructions because it is equipped with anti-collision sensors and anti-fall sensors. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about it falling from the stairs.

Best robot vacuum

In terms of performance, Easy Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with four cleaning modes and a HEPA filter to strain dust and hair. Its battery can support the machine running for approximately one and a half hours. On the downside, this handy robot takes four to six hours to charge, which is expected for cheaper models that don’t have a charging station.

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Robot Vacuum Pros And Cons: Is It Worth The Investment?

The continuous advancement in technology has made our everyday lives a lot easier. Just about anything these days are automated down to the appliances we use to clean our homes. 

One such smart gadget is a robot vacuum, which can keep your floors sparkly clean with little to no effort on your part. It’s a great option to your standard upright vacuum, especially if you’re a busy person. 

Questions and answers related to software and algorithm of Xiaomi ...

However, as handy as the little cleaning robot is, it does come with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. So if you’re still not sure if a robotic vacuum is worthy of your investment, then this article can help with your decision. 

Advantages Of Owning A Robot Vacuum Cleaner (+)

The thought of having a gadget that can clean the floor for you even when you’re not around is very appealing. Who doesn’t want to eliminate a rigorous task on their weekly list of chores and have extra time for other stuff?

Robot Vacuums: Are They Really Worth It? (10 Benefits to Consider)

Aside from this, here are some other benefits of owning and using a robovac:

Automatic Navigation

Unlike your traditional vacuum, a robotic vacuum can move on its own throughout the room while sucking up filth. Once you turn it on, the sensors of the machine will guide it to the areas where there is dirt to pick up. 

Likewise, it comes with wheels to help it turn in every direction. This means that your robot will be able to spin and clean almost all areas of your home without assistance from you. Plus, it’s small and has a low-profile, allowing it to clean even in tight spots.

Intelligent Mapping

Your robovac can scan a room to establish the best possible cleaning path and to avoid obstructions along its way. Additionally, it can restore the data, allowing you to accurately see the areas or rooms it has cleaned. This also means that you’ll be able to create a plan on which areas you want it to tackle next time you schedule your unit to clean.

Set A Cleaning Schedule

You can simply program your robotic vacuum to take care of your floors on specific times or days. You don’t even need to be physically present for it to get to work. Your device will start cleaning on schedule while you’re out and about.

Compact Design

The smart device comes with a compact design that will leave a smaller footprint than your upright vac and not take up a lot of storage space. Furthermore, once it’s done with its task, it’ll go back to its dock to charge itself. Hence, your robot will be ready every time you need it.

Benefits of Owning a Robot Vacuum Cleaner |

Thorough Cleaning

Since your robovac is low-profile, it’ll be able to go under your sofa and other hard-to-reach areas to suck up all those dirt and dust that have accumulated.

Dual Function

Some robot vacuums come with a mopping functionality, making it perfect for floorings that need mopping and vacuuming. So aside from saving time, you can save your back the pain that comes with mopping and vacuuming.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smart home hubs are very popular today. For this reason, most manufacturers equip their robots with Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that you can connect it wirelessly to your home hub and control your robot by voice using an app on your tablet or smartphone.

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Suction, Pressure, Or Robotic Pool Cleaner? Which Automatic Pool Cleaner Should I Choose?

Your responsibility doesn’t stop after the installation of your swimming pool. For you and the entire family to enjoy your backyard haven, you need to ensure that it’s always clean and fresh.

A pool is one of the major investments in your property. As with any investment, you want to prolong its life. Aside from requiring a lot of bucks to build, your pool also needs regular upkeep. And cleaning it is a massive part of its maintenance.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hiring a professional pool cleaning service twice a week can hurt your budget. Fortunately, there are efficient and cost-effective pool cleaners that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

Pool cleaners come in various types, each with their own sets of weaknesses and strengths. So in this article will take a look at three of the most popular ones, such as pressure, suction, and robotic pool cleaners. So read on to find out which is the most suitable for your budget and pool cleaning requirements.

Clean Pool USA

Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you don’t have the time to clean your pool regularly or want more time to just relax, a robot pool cleaner is perfect for you. The automatic pool cleaner can handle the monotonous and wearisome tasks without virtually any help from you.

Simply power it on, tweak the settings, place it in your pool, and the robot will do all the cleaning for you. Plus, it’s very efficient at what it does. And once you experience its convenience, you may never want to go back to other methods of pool cleaning.

But there’s more to robotic pool cleaners than impressive performance and aesthetics. These machines are thorough, intelligent, and work autonomously. Furthermore, they present superb value for your money. They’re very durable and can significantly reduce your water and energy consumption. Likewise, it will lessen the need for you to use chemicals that may potentially harm the overall health of everyone in your home.

pressure pool cleaner

The initial investment may be higher at first in comparison to suction and pressure pool cleaners. Still, the benefits it offers outweigh the added investment, which will pay off in the long run.


  • These robots are fully automatic

  • It’s very durable and can take care of the job easily and efficiently

  • Robot pool cleaners use less energy

  • Setting it up is quick and easy


  • You need to clean its filter after each cleaning session

  • These smart gadgets are expensive

How To Install A Robot Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners or robovacs are the easiest to install. Once you hook your unit into a power outlet, simply submerge it in your pool. Then, program it to your preference, press start, and it’s ready to scrub and suck up small and large debris.

How To Install

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How Long Will My In-Ground Pool Robotic Pool Cleaner Last And Work Efficiently?

Every pool owner knows that swimming pools need some attention and TLC. Regular pool maintenance will not only ensure your backyard mecca is hygienic, clean, and safe for everyone, but it’ll also protect your investment.

But as much as you want to, cleaning a pool is a challenging chore and will take hours to complete. Fortunately, we now have robotic pool vacuums to rely on. These technologically advanced automatic pool cleaners can take care of the laborious job for you efficiently.

Robovacs are easy to install and operate. Hence, it has become a favorite choice among pool owners since its inception. It offers a speedy and hassle-free method of keeping your pool fresh, clean, and free from nasty dirt. 

But you’re probably wondering how long does a robovac last? In this article, we’ll take a closer look if a robot pool cleaner truly delivers value for your money.

Robot Vacuums 2020

What Are Robot Pool Vacuum Cleaners?

A robot pool cleaner is the most advanced and expensive type of automatic pool cleaners. These plug-and-play devices are self-contained with low voltage and powered by a motor. It usually comes with a long cord that extends from the robot to a wall outlet. Once you plug your unit and tweak its settings, it’s ready to take on your pool. 

Robvacs can clean your backyard pool efficiently and swiftly in comparison to other methods. And unlike other types of pool cleaners, they don’t use your pool’s pump. On top of that, some robots even have convenient features like remote control and navigation systems. These enable you to steer your unit while lounging by the poolside. 

Don’t use your pool’s pump

Moreover, you won’t be putting any additional pressure or stress on the filtration system of your pool because they are self-contained. As a result, it’ll lessen the workload of your pool’s filter since your robot will get rid of most of the contaminants before they get to the filter. Plus, these devices feature filters that can strain the finest of dirt for up to two microns in size.

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Can Robot Cleaners Really Work Wonders For Your Home?

robotCleaning is time-consuming and laborious, but keeping your home clean and orderly is vital. Also, putting off cleaning tasks and letting clutter pile up can actually have a serious impact on your physical and mental health. Thankfully, you can rely on robot cleaners to make your life at home more comfortable.

The popularity of robot vacuums is steadily increasing since their launch, and homeowners can’t get enough of them. In fact, millions of these smart cleaning gadgets have been sold across the globe. And with their technology evolving continuously, there’s no stopping the trend.

Robot VacuumThe latest robotic cleaners have improved massively in comparison to the first releases. Well-known brands like Neato and iRobot are offering units that are more durable, convenient, and powerful. 

Although robovacs are very useful, they do have some drawbacks and may not be suitable for your needs. And while some units are budget-friendly, some can be expensive, which can simply cost you back if you won’t use it often.

So in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the robot cleaner to help you decide if it’s worth your investment or not.

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Make Your Home Sparkling Clean All The Time With These Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Cleaning your house is not only challenging but a time-consuming task. Nevertheless, you must clean and maintain your home regularly, whether it’s an apartment or a two-story one. Most people want to clean as infrequently as possible, but it’s actually easier to clean your home often than taking care of it when it’s already a total mess.

Although keeping up with your daily housekeeping is quite difficult, it doesn’t need to eat your time or intimidate you. Cleaning is not about how much time you invest in it. It’s more about being smart and adapting habits that you’ll begin to simply follow naturally and eventually. So with that in mind, here are several tips that can help keep your home tidy and neat without overwhelming you.

Home cleaning

Keep The Process As Simple As Possible

One of the biggest reasons why organizing and tidying up overwhelming wears you out is because you may be making the entire process too complicated. If you think that stocking up on various cleaning solutions and tools will make you want to clean frequently, think again. The effect is actually the opposite. 

In fact, the more decisions you have to make throughout the process, the more you’ll lose your willpower, which may lead to decision fatigue. So if you want your cleaning habit to be long-term, you need to change your ways.

Begin With Doing Small Things

It’s important to keep your home clean and tidy every time. Consider starting your day by tackling little things, which can help take the stress out of house cleaning. The whole method of ensuring your home is neat all the time is to take small steps at a time. You can make your bed when you wake up or before leaving to work, wash the dishes after every meal, and so on.

Also, every time you’re in your bedroom, you can straighten your tabletop, wipe down the counter, or dust a shelf. To create an open space with fewer items to clean and wipe, get rid of every trash you’ll see in your space. You may not realize it, but doing these little things can help make your home tidy and organized.

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