What Features You Need in a Robot Vacuum?

Let’s face it- cleaning takes away your time and energy from doing something else. It’s not one of the most enjoyable tasks either, especially after a long day at work. If you put kids and pets in the picture, cleaning can be a stressful job that you have to do every day.

In this case, a robot vacuum is a gift from above. Finally, you don’t need to get your hands dirty cleaning floors and carpets. You will get the rest that you deserve while a robot vacuum is doing its job.

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With hundreds of robot vacuums in the market, it’s so easy to get lost from all the choices. What will you pick? Do you need a stand-alone robovac or a hybrid model? If these questions bother you, read ahead. We compiled all the features you need in a robot vacuum.

Navigational System

The navigational system determines  how does a robotic vacuum cleans the floor. This feature enables the machine to move around the house without bumping into obstacles. The efficiency of the robot depends mostly on the hardware and software it uses for navigation.

Lasers, electronic eyes, or simple bumper detection are some of the most common navigational systems used for robovac. These technologies have different effects on how the robot chart its way around the house.

robot vacuum navigational system

A cleaning machine that uses lasers is more efficient in mapping the floor and detecting obstacles. The laser is usually mounted on top of the robot vacuum, which allows it to illuminate objects and guide the robot to the right path.

The latest technology being used by ultra-modern robovacs is the hybrid system. This model combines multiple technologies for a more precise mapping performance. The hybrid system is composed of a brush, wheel, and optical sensors that allow it to detect carpets, walls, and cliff accurately. It also makes the robot run smoothly, enabling it to climb into low carpets, avoid collision with other objects, and prevent the robot from entering another room.

Hands-Free Operation

One reason for getting a robot vacuum is to be free from cleaning the floor yourself. Generally, a robot vacuum can work on its own during the entire cleaning session.

High-tech robot vacuums are designed to work independently. They are equipped with navigational sensors that prevent them from bumping into obstacles or falling from stairs. Advanced technologies are now able to detect dirt and lead the machine on that spot for better cleaning.

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Many robot vacuums can recharge on their own. When their battery is nearly drained, they automatically return to their recharging dock. Once fully charged, they can go back cleaning the area where they left off.

Scheduling and Tracking Features

Another robot vacuum feature that you need to take advantage of is its scheduling and monitoring capability. These features allow you to program the robot to clean on a specific time and date even when you’re not around.

Say you’re going on a family vacation for a month, you can program the machine to vacuum once a week. You can set the cleaning mode that you want as well as which floor to clean.  This way, the house will still be clean, just like before you leave it.

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With a robot vacuum, you will no longer have to clean blindly. You can have a  live image feed of its cleaning progress remotely through its mobile app or control hub. If you’re not satisfied with its cleaning, use the mobile app to add more time for cleaning. With an efficient robot vacuum, being away from home is no longer an excuse to have a dusty floor.

Remote Control Features

Most robot vacuums don’t have many buttons in them. It’s because most of its settings are already available in a mobile app or remote control. This feature allows you to program and track its cleaning progress remotely.

Modern robovacs are capable of connecting to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, which allows you to control it from a distance. Its ability to connect to an internet source enables you to program it and monitor its performance even when you’re not around.

remote control

If you want a clean floor with less the hassle, the remote-control feature is a huge relief. With smart robot vacuums , integration with Alexa is possible. If you’re not familiar with Alexa, it’s the artificially intelligent personal assistant that follows your voice command. With Alexa, you can program the robot vacuum and make it do its job without lifting a finger.

Time and Energy Saving

With a robovac, you don’t need to pull out a traditional vacuum and push it around the house at the wee hours of the night.  All you have to do is pick up your smartphone and use Alexa to command the robot to start cleaning the floor. This machine allows you to rest or do other household chores like preparing dinner.

time and energy saving

A robovac helps you save a lot of energy from vacuuming every inch of the floor manually. If you have naughty kids or pets, you know how hard it is to keep your house clean every day. Owning a robovac gives you more time to do something else- things that matter more.

Safe to Use

Most robot vacuums are safe to use as long as you follow the manual that comes with it. It’s safer to use than the traditional vacuum cleaners that are big, noisy, and look dangerous for some.

safe to use

With a robot vacuum, you don’t have to push and pull it around the house. While the regular vacuum intimidates regular use, a robot vacuum is its opposite. The latter encourages regular vacuuming because it’s simple to operate and works smoothly and independently.

Lightweight and Compact

Typically, a robovac only weighs below six pounds, almost a quarter in weight of an ordinary vacuum. This characteristic makes it ideal for its maneuverability and portability. If you’re having a hard time carrying a regular vacuum upstairs, switching to a robot vacuum is a great idea. It’s lightweight, which is perfect if you have a multistory house.

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Don’t have a storage place? Don’t worry because its compact size allows it to fit even in the tightest spaces. Its flat, low-level design will enable it to reach under furniture and other low areas.

Efficient Filtration

A good filtration system on a cleaning device is vital to capture the dust and prevent it from being released back into the air. A filter system that comes with a  disposable dust bag is well-recommended.

At the moment, a HEPA filter is the best filtration system for robovacs. HEPA filters get a nod from many health organizations that study asthma and allergies. Therefore, people suffering from such conditions should pick a robovac with HEPA filters because it can trap up to 0.9 microns of airborne dirt.

HEPA efficient filtration

Other models combine HEPA filters with different types of filtration systems for maximum suction power and spotless cleaning.

Cordless Design

If you own too many corded appliances, the tangles, trips, and falls will always be your problem. A cord also restricts the distance a device can travel, which makes it harder to finish a task.

Cordless Design

Having a robovac in place of a regular one is a gift. It will allow you to clean the floor without the need for plugging and unplugging cables. It cuts your effort by almost 90% because it doesn’t require your presence as it cleans. As long as the device is fully charged, it’s good to go. A cordless robot vacuum also lessens the chances of minor accidents, which you badly need if you have raucous kids at home.

Dirt Detection

If you have a 20/20 vision, good for you but not for the floor as there are microscopic elements on it that your eyes can’t see. Robot vacuums have sensors that detect even the tiniest speck of dust. The latest models are equipped with an advanced sensor that can pick up an image of minute particles. This technology allows the robot vacuum to go back to a spot where it detects the dust and clean that area again. For superior cleaning, you might need to consider buying a robot vacuum with  mopping add-on.

Dirt Detection

Automatic Charging

Many robot vacuums have an auto-charging feature to ensure that the battery will not die while in operation. This technology enables the device to go back to its charging station when the battery is getting low. After charging, it will automatically go back to the same spot where it left off. With this feature, the robot can finish its job without intervention.

Automatic Charging

Battery Life

The battery life is essential as it determines how long the machine can finish its work. On an average, a typical robovac has a battery life of 30 minutes. However, some high-tech models can go on for an hour or even more!

If you have a big house, choose the model with a  long battery life. By doing this, the machine can vacuum a spacious floor area quickly. Fewer trips to the charging station mean the device can finish doing its job faster than expected.

Battery Life

Noise Level

If you will use the robot mostly at night time or you have a baby at home, choose a robot vacuum with a minimal noise level. Look into the user manual to see what’s the noise level of the robot. Most robovacs can produce a noise level of 60 to 70 decibels, while the most silent brand only emits 50 decibels.

Caution: Not all silent-type vacuum cleaners are good robot vacuums.

Noise Level

How to Find the Right Robot Vacuum

Now that you know the features of a robot vacuum, you might be asking yourself how you can find the right one for you?

First, you need to assess  exactly what is needed for robotic vacuum cleaners. Determine your needs based on your everyday situation.

The size of your house. If you have a small, single-story home, a robot vacuum with a battery life of 30 minutes might be good enough. For larger houses, you need a machine with  automatic emptying dustbin, long battery life, and auto-charging features.


Type of flooring: Is your floor carpeted or not? Do you have hardwood, vinyl, tile, or a combination of any of these? Choose a model that works best for the type of floor you have.

Pet and kids: Your furry babies, no matter how cute they are, can mean headache as they shed off their hair almost everywhere. When these hairs get inside the crevices of tiles or underneath the carpet, it makes vacuuming a lot tougher.

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On the other hand, kids scatter their toys and create a mess everywhere. If you have kids, make sure that their playroom is restricted for robovacs to enter. This way, the machine can do its work without any interruption. Also, it might help if the vacuum can work noiselessly so that it will not disturb your kids while asleep.

Price: The price range for a good-quality robot vacuum is anywhere between $600- $1,200. That price tag depends on the features the robot has. Smart robots that can connect to Wi-Fi and work independently are more expensive than the rest.

The rule of the thumb is, the more advanced the robot is, the more expensive it costs. If you’re looking for affordable yet quality products,  Aldi’s Special Buys: robot vacuums might have something for you.

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